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Many people wonder how much it costs to hire a valet parking company for an event, restaurant, or business. This article will break down for you a simple guide about valet parking prices including contracted valet parking services as well as one-time valet parking for hire.

The most common valet parking services are contracted out to companies on a monthly basis. Restaurants, clubs, and businesses pay anywhere from $1000/month up to $5000/month for valet services. Traditionally, the valet parking company will also keep valet parking tips, which generate a solid amount of income.

If you’re having a party or an event and you’d like to offer your guests valet parking for one night, the charge is usually around $500 per night. A full day of valet parking services may cost $1000 or more. This usually covers two valet runners and one valet key box concierge.

The main reason valet parking can be pricey is because valet companies are required to have valet parking insurance, which is usually a $1 Million policy to cover damages on even the most exotic cars such as Lamborghini, Porsche, and Bentley.

How much should you tip for valet parking?

This is a very valid question many people ask. The answer is that you should tip according to your income and the level of service excellence. While it is common to tip $2-$5 for a valet, some people get rewarded with a $20, $50, or even a $100 bill for a speedy valet parking job.

What is Valet Parking?

In case you were wondering what valet parking is, here is a bit of information on the history and culture of valeting.

Valet parking is a service offered by establishments such as restaurants, clubs, and various other businesses in which another person known as a valet parks the car of a vehicle owner upon arrival. This service is usually fee-based or provided for free by the establishment. Regardless of if the valet parking is fee-based or free of charge, it is customary for the owner of the vehicle to leave a tip for the valet in the amount of one dollar or more. Certain occasions where a valet runs hard and returns the car very fast may warrant a size-able tip such as $20.

Valet parking is usually found most abundant in urban areas and big cities with lots of commerce and revenue such as New York City and Los Angeles. This is because valet parking can be expensive and unnecessary in rural, mountainous, or heavy terrain areas with a plethora of parking available right in front of most businesses, restaurants, and other vanues.

It is customary for a valet to attempt to retrieve a car as quickly as possible to impress the owner of the vehicle, open the door for the intended driver, and in some rare cases provide cleaning and detailing services. Like a waiter or waitress at a dinner table, this is the service performance that should influence the amount of tip you leave.